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  1. DnnySie

    Hey peeps!


    Some may remember me, but the name's Danny. I'm 23y/o, live in the always beautiful Netherlands and recently re-discovered this server. I can't believe it's still a thing! I've been pretty active the last few days, and I'm planning to keep it that way for at least a few weeks, if not longer. 

    I've first logged on the 2nd of Oct 2011. Since that date, I've worked my way up from guest to admin, legend and after that: Retired. As of yesterday, I'm part of the staff again in my new role: Operator! 

    Anyways, thanks for reading this and see you online! 


  2. Padawan00123

    So beginning over the weekend, our forums got hit with a pretty big spam wave.  I've done as much cleanup as I can.  In order to prevent further damage, registrations for the forums are currently closed.  Reach out to one of the owners on IRC or Discord if you want an account. 

  3. Guest

    So theres none of that " its junk and you should have this..." on this site. Thats great, I like what i like and it works for me. Looking forward to posting.

  4. Guest

    WOW Ive been on camaroz28 for 4 years and had never heard of this site. Just LTs is where i should have been all along. I will fill in my Sig when i have more time. Looking forward to reading and posting here.

  5. Guest

    SCPH-30004 and SCPH-50004, why do you ask? Someone mentioned this mod to me on psx-scene. Its super duper forbidden over there for some reason.

  6. Guest

    Old username: riftxonier

    New username: riftxnr

    I always used this username(riftxonier) for my MC premium account, then i changed it coz i was using some hackedclients on the official launcher, and i was aware that some bans i encountered where not from my IP but from my username so i was sneaking myself with another crack alts (PetitBreton, juifxnr, etc..) on MC.. and also because i got a bit bored of it. But i'm still the same guy who used to love bullying guests and building passionately in Au70.

  7. Guest

    hi I don't remember what I was called back then as it's been a very long time. raenyre possibly? something along the lines of bombadil? or was that my skype? I honestly don't have the slightest clue but the days I spent on au70 were life changing and many of my experiences there shaped me as a person, albeit mostly for the worse. rebelliousdude got me into league of legends way back when darius had first come out and I'm still addicted to that stupid fucking game.

    anyway, I miss all of you. every single one of you. I miss this server and the unique community it had. I wish I could go back and savor the au70 experience.

  8. Craftica

    I honestly don't think that we need more staff. There are barely any players on the server. 

    Would it not be better to follow the building path?

    ​Wouldn't hurt to put him at moderator if nothing else.

    ​Go for it. Was just pointing out that there is almost more active staff than players.

  9. Padawan00123

    Hi, guys.  Sorry it took so long for me to update this post.  My computer decided it didn't want to work, so didn't have much of a chance to log into the forums. 

    Thanks to Allisss, I will not have to shut down the server for a while.  There will probably be a brief period of maintenance but that will be announced separately. 

    Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and concerns.  I'm currently in the final stages of hiring for two separate jobs, I'm hoping one of those pan out.