My name is Matthew, and I go by Padawan00123 here in the world of Minecraft. I am the lead owner of the Au70 Network. The Au70 Network is a labor of love and a passion of mine, as I've been playing on these servers since 2010.

Each month, running the server and associated infrestructe costs 25 USD per month. Up until this point, I have been donating this ammount out of pocket, however; that is no longer sustainable for me due to large life changes. So I'm asking for your help.

Will you donate to keep Au70 Galaxy and Au70 Nebula on and serving the Minecraft Community? If so, our donation station is located here. If you donate, contact me with your receipt number and I will give you donator perks on Au70 Galaxy, Discord, and any future server the Au70 Network creates.

Thank you very much.