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  1. Padawan00123 added a post in a topic: Au70 Galaxy on Hold   

    Hi, guys.  Sorry it took so long for me to update this post.  My computer decided it didn't want to work, so didn't have much of a chance to log into the forums. 
    Thanks to Allisss, I will not have to shut down the server for a while.  There will probably be a brief period of maintenance but that will be announced separately. 
    Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and concerns.  I'm currently in the final stages of hiring for two separate jobs, I'm hoping one of those pan out. 
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  2. Padawan00123 added a post in a topic: Au70 Galaxy on Hold   

    Well, this is a forum post I didn't want to make...
    A little backstory, I've actually been unemployed for about 6 months.  Because I love Au70 Galaxy, I've been paying for server hosting out of my dwindling savings account while I hunt for a job.  Unfortunately, I am no longer in a position to do that.  Therefore, I'm saddened to announce that Au70 Galaxy (and by extension, Au70 Nebula) will be put on hold at the end of the month. 
    What does that mean?  It means I will be temporarily shutting down the server that's hosing both Galaxy and Nebula.  No data will be lost.  When my situation improves, I will restore the server to the exact same state as it was before. 
    Again, this is temporary and no data will be lost. 
    If you have any questions, feel free to reply here. 
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  3. Padawan00123 added a post in a topic: Server Introduction   

    ​Check your PMs please.
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  4. Padawan00123 added a post in a topic: Server Introduction   

    ​Check your messages, please.
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  5. Padawan00123 added a post in a topic: Server Introduction   

    So, I've spent a ton of time offline working through server configuration for Au70 Andromeda, and a while ago I figured out I accidentally created a fully functional Survival Multiplayer Server... so I grabbed a copy of the plugins and built Au70 Nebula. 
    Au70 Nebula is ready for rough beta testing.  It is currently configured in a whitelist-only and runs on the same virtual machine as Au70 Galaxy.  If you would like to help me test and refine the server, reply to this topic.  Eligible people will hold at least ProBuilder on Au70 Galaxy and own Minecraft (I haven't been able to configure it for cracked clients yet).
    As for Au70 Andromeda, I'm still in progress.  It's a venerable soup of plugins right now, and I've been chasing some very weird interactions...
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  6. Padawan00123 added a post in a topic: Bug Report Format   

    When reporting a bug, please copy and paste the following format.
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  7. Padawan00123 added a post in a topic: Bot and Discord Relay downtime: May 1 2018   

    The server hosting the Discord relay and IRC Bot is going down for maintenance on May 1, 2018 at 1300 UTC (local time)
    I have no choice, this is being forced by the hosting due to the Spectre vulnerability. 
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  8. Padawan00123 added a post in a topic: Server migration - Au70Bot and Au70Discord   

    This has now been completed, better late than never I guess?
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  9. Padawan00123 added a post in a topic: Server migration - Au70Bot and Au70Discord   

    Hello, all!
    I am scheduling a migration for Au70Bot and Au70Discord to a new server.
    It will happen on Tuesday, February 20th 1:00AM to 02:00 AM UTC
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  10. Padawan00123 added a post in a topic: Au70 Galaxy Rank Changes   

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  11. Padawan00123 added a post in a topic: Au70 Galaxy Rank Changes   

    This is now completed.  Please reach out if there are any issues!
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  12. Padawan00123 added a post in a topic: Au70 Galaxy Rank Changes   

    To follow up on this, the formal downtime will begin at 10:30 PM UTC (Time zone convertor) and should last no more than half an hour.
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  13. Padawan00123 added a post in a topic: Social Media   

    If you have trouble following the forums or don't have enough time to check (I don't blame you), I've just set up some social media presence.  You're welcome to follow whatever you prefer, they'll all get the same content:
    Facebook: (This URL sucks I'm sorry
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  14. Padawan00123 added a post in a topic: Au70 Galaxy Rank Changes   

    Hello, all! 
    There will be changes in the ranking of Au70 Galaxy.  If all goes will, this will be implemented in a week, 13 November 2017.  A server restart will occur at that time.
    First, we are removing the moderator rank.  Instead, when someone applies for Op they are placed on probation for approximately 2 weeks.  The Admins and Owners will monitor this new op, providing suggestions for improvement.  Any previously demoted Op is exempt from this probationary period.
    Second, we are adjusting the hour requirements. From the change, the requirements will read "Demonstrate devotion to the server."  As a rule of thumb, staff should consider approximately 5 hours of time per rank (AKA 15 hours for engineer), but that is no longer a hard and fast rule.
    Third, we are retiring AdvBuilder. Everyone who is currently AdvBuilder will be demoted to the rank of Builder.  Builder will have all of the features AdvBuilder.   Builder should still not have a rank requirement.
    As always, if you have questions feel free to ask!
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  15. Padawan00123 added a post in a topic: The beginnings of a new server   

    Hi, all!
    First of all, terribly sorry about the delay in this.  A topic posted a year and a half ago with no further information isn't good for anyone, I apologize.  I'm going to be better at development updates in the future. 
    Believe it or not, this server isn't dead!  It's just... had a few hiccups.  I spent a ton of time configuring all of the permissions and then poof, laptop stolen and work gone (Backup your stuff everybody!).  I've had to do a lot of rebuilding from the ground up and that's what's taken so long. Tentative beta is for the end of the year.  I have yet to decide who will be in the beta, however; it will probably be people with high rank on Galaxy. 
    The form of this server has taken a little change.  It will still be CMP.  Guests will join into a guest world just like Au70 Galaxy, it will be roughly the same size and layout.  We will still configure rank-specific worlds.  However; at a certain rank a plot on a superflat world will be granted.  It will be 256x256 (just like current realms) and tied to a specific person.  High-level building ranks will have permission to receive a second.  Donators may receive another plot upon donating.
    I will also be looking into mini-games, as that would make a welcome diversion from CMP.  I like Jake's idea. 
    As for staff, Andromeda will have its own staff.  Being Galaxy staff does not automagically grant you Andromeda staff.  However, we will probably grandfather in staff from Galaxy so we have a staff base to start from.
    That's about it.  Expect more frequent development information soon as I re-work what I've worked once before...
    P.S. Special shoutout to MrOnlineCoder who spent a ton of time building a lot of plugins for us to replicate Au70 Galaxy functionality.
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