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    play csgo with me you scrub
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    If you don't remember me, my name is Zag. However, if you're feeling smart enough to remember, my actual name is Scott. I've been on the server for years. Worked my way up from Guest and eventually made it to Owner. 
    It's so nice to see this back online! So much nostalgia in one place. So many great memories were on this server and I hope to relive some of them and get talking to you guys again!
    No promises on activity on the server since I am a full time student at Illinois State University (go Redbirds!), and I'm also a part time worker. However, I'll try my best to remain active on IRC.
    Since the downfall of the server, I've picked up CS:GO. This being said, you guys are more than welcome to add my steam ( and ask to play sometime! I also play a few other games like H1Z1 and such, but I'm mainly on csgo.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this!
    Hope to see you around, 
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