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  1. I honestly don't think that we need more staff. There are barely any players on the server. 

    Would it not be better to follow the building path?

    ​Wouldn't hurt to put him at moderator if nothing else.

    ​Go for it. Was just pointing out that there is almost more active staff than players.

  2. Hey bud. I think I remember you as being retired when I was admin or something like that. Retired is useless now though. Engineer is piratically more OP.

  3. Is Dankirk still a bot? I can't remember how to make him do stuff

    ​He is, you should be able to type ^commands in game for a list of the good ole custom ones, although I can't figure out how to make him sing

    ​Thanks, will try it out when I get a chance again

  4. Craftica, I played on this server in my childhood, since the 8th September 2011. I stopped playing just before Minecraft Classic got made redundant because 99% of the people playing were acting like fucking idiots. It's sad to see that nothing has changed, majority of players are still fucking degenerates. 

    ​And that is why Au70 still exists. If the server was stuckup and heavily moderated, like most, it would have also gone extinct. 

    But the fact that people can come on here and say just about what ever they feel like, makes it a place worth coming to, even if it is only to read the load of shit that gets said. 

    If you are too sensitive to deal with a site like that, maybe you should avoid going on it, for your own safety.

  5. I knew you from your rooney days all the way to Roon. 

    You where on the server long enough to know that nobody is funny at all, but we do have a sense of humour, we don't bitch about everything and revert our request for a rank.


    Fuck it, make him guest.

  6. I know Asdip, but I do not know this MrOnlineCoder guy. Who be you? Don't lie to us


    I am Asdip lol. Just infoswapped

    ​You lie!!!!!