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    Who's still around?
    Been a while since any posts were made on here. I really miss ten years ago. It brings me joy to know that after so long, even with so little activity, history is preserved and this server is still accessible.
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  2. NikoBellic_2000 added a topic in Applications for Galaxy Operator   

    NikoBellic_2000's Operator Application
    I used to be an Operator on this server but was demoted years ago by Jonty. I only had 20 hours logged so he would've been understandably skeptical of me holding a rank with that sort of power (The demotion is shown in my /info). The reason I got the rank with so little hours was because I gained nearly all of my experience as a staff member on Project Vanilla. I worked my way up to admin on there, and somebody who knew me from that server promoted me on Au70 because I was trustworthy and already knew the ropes.
    I have had situations where having my rank back would've allowed me to help players and there is nothing more I'd love to do than fulfill my duty as a staff member once more. I greatly enjoyed being able to moderate and keep everything under control when classic flourished, and still would. I was trained exceptionally well by the staff at Project Vanilla; equipped with these skills I went on to create my own successful SMP server which gave me experience in dealing with a very wide range of scenarios that arose.
    I know being Engineer or above is required to apply, however considering the above I believe it's reasonable to make an exception. I'd absolutely love to be a part of Au70's team once again.
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  3. NikoBellic_2000 added a topic in Introductions   

    It's good to be back
    I didn't spend a lot of time on Au70 back in the day as it wasn't my home server, so not everyone will remember me. But fuck, do I remember the late nights building, chatting, and just fucking around with other players and having fun. It's sad to see the state of Minecraft Classic now but it's great to still be able to revisit old times and see the things I built 5+ years ago. I'm grateful to Padawan for keeping Au70 and its history alive. I hope to be able to contribute greatly to Au70 and the classic community as a whole in the future (I have a plan/idea that I will post about when I am ready ).
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