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    HOLYS**T,  I didnt expect this.
    Im going to bet that few people actually remember me here. i stayed in au70 for a wopping 200+ hours maybe even more i cant remember .
    I came as a lowly guest rank and climbed my way to Legend rank . (i dont want the rank back , if i have the time ill try to achieve it again )
    I was there when the au70 classic server had its highest traffic ... the most fun ive had in years ... i was engineer back then . an admin promoted me to moderator ( i think his name was danny0106 "The flying dutchman" he got that name by being repeatedly /slap -ed by an owner ) after the promotion i banned alot of people and kicked even more .
    The best thing i usually did was warping people into a map called snowman or snowmen , it was basically a world map filled with snowmen so they crashed ... then they would get back into the server confused as shit and id lol for day.
    Never Forget "Thehallofshame"
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