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  1. siasatr added a post in a topic: Hey Hey! It's siasatr   

    I'm that AU70 is still up and running! I truly loved being a staff here! I don't know if anyone remembers me here but hello! I was friends with MoofinMayhem and Piasa
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  2. siasatr added a post in a topic: Guess who stopped by...? me   

    Oh well well well, will you look at that Au70 is back in business. I miss this ol' thing <3. I hope people actually remember who I am lol. I played on Au70 back in 2012 or 2013 I think and I was a moderator, haha. I miss MoofinMayhem and Felicia P:, do they still get on? & would you look at that, Padawan is owner now! omg. It's great this server is back gives me great nostalgia from when I was 12 haha
    Back in the day people in the server preferred to call me "seeasster"
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