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  1. deathlok44 added a post in a topic: CS:GO   

    Hey! My brother, Sniper17, and I play CS:GO all the time! If you guys wanna add me my steam name is Eridium Archangel. 
    Hope to see some familiar faces soon!  
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  2. deathlok44 added a post in a topic: Deathlok44/Freemanc   

    Hey guys! My names Cam, I used to play back in the day with my brother Sniper17. I go under the name Deathlok44 and Eridium Archangel on Steam. Hope to start fresh and meet up with the oldies again. Holy shit what a nostalgic moment seeing the Steam group booted up again. Love you all  
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  3. deathlok44 added a post in a topic: Welcome!   

    Wow this is insane. I used to play here all the time with my brother Sniper17. This is amazing, who still plays on the server?
    Missed all the oldies, hope to hear from them again. 
    Vet <3
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