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  1. d0ddy added a post in a topic: Saw this and instantly thought of Au70   

    wow is this what austrians are like?
    incredible :_)))
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  2. d0ddy added a post in a topic: Hello my name   

    Application accepted
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  3. d0ddy added a post in a topic: Hello my name   

    Hello my name is Jamal Jefferton an this my officil severe owner applicantation
    here my story
    so sun shinin thru my window it 10am n a new day, I bang out my mack n check out 9geg for meems as u do but no
    9geg html 505 warnin no servere connecting??????????
    open up the gogle n what do u no 9geg is down for reel, like 4 reel how r we supposed 2 get fb girls if we dont do the memes
    skip 5 mins (i open up them rood boi websites u know what i mean u feel?) n im downloaden this sick new game every1 torking bout
    open it up n im jus clickin tha first servere on the list thiknk ye watever this gunna suk anyway
    but no
    rite b4 my eyes is a 60ft black dick made of shiney bloks 
    this is wen i knew this was the place 4 me
    5 secs l8r (no porn this time lol) n mum knokin on me door n seys "jamal u gotta get the fk out ere n get a job, ur a useles 26 yr old prik gtfo"
    so now im here lookin 4 a job 2 get that munni munni munni
    I hope u consider me
    many cheers ur frend Jamal

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