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  1. ZZDrumkitz added a post in a topic: This is a formal topic regarding the brief, but plentifully explanatory introduction by none other than your favourite Admin, ZZDrumkitz   

    Jokes aside..
    Hey Everyone, my name is ZZDrumkitz and I've been an in-and-out active member of the Au70 Community since 23rd September 2012.
    I got Admin rank at some point in either late 2014 or early 2015 i think (No idea honestly.) But staffing on the server has been an absolute blast the years I've been doing it.
    Recently as Classic Minecraft has slowly been dying out, I have turned my attention more to my studies. However i come on every 2 weeks or so to check on the server and to make sure everyone is still alive.
    Anyway, I'll most likely see you all online!
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