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  1. Post on Back after 5 years in Introductions

    By Joker, posted
    Hey everyone, 
    I'm Joker, you might not remember me maybe, but I used to play Au70 on realms back in 2011..
    My IGN was TMSJoker..  I was a kid at that moment and immature, which lead me to a ban after playing for a long time on Au70 lol..
    I can't believe that Au70 is not dead and still alive.. 
    That's something shocking.
    I remember some of you guys, like: thedapter, rebelliousdude, totentag, Jonty800, Padawan, Maicke98, hives, happy, and many more..

    It's nice to see you all again after years, I hope you're all doing well.
    -Joker :).