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    By uofaer, posted
    SQUAD is a tactical first-person shooter being developed by Offworld Industries. It is set to be self-published through Steam and is a spiritual successor to the multi-award-winning Project Reality modification for Battlefield 2. I've been playing a lot of this game recently, and in fact i've gotten to join a community of players called Squad Ops whom host 1-Life Events and their trainings called SOTT. Squad Ops Tactics and Training currently offers 3 events, SOTT: Basic Training, SOTT: Advanced Weapon Systems, and SOTT: Vehicle Training. Now the only event that is required is Basic. This is so you can register for their 1-Life Events so you at least have an understanding of the way the Operation is set up. AWS basically gives you priority over a kit, as for Vehicle Training, it is encouraged that you take the position of the driver or gunner of a vehicle since not everyone will have an idea of what they are supposed to do. As of right now, the game is currently $40. If you're interested then i suggest watching some gameplay footage first just in case. So make sure to check out Karmakut on youtube, the Director of Squad Ops.