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  1. Post on Complaints in Au70 Galaxy

    By Jake0720, posted
    Hi.  This is a thread for complaints about what has changed in the recent reboot.  I've got a few, but others may post theirs here as well.
    1. 10,000 block limit for retired, which doesn't seem necessary even if you bring up the argument about mass grief and stolen accounts.  Unless the BlockDB fucks up or there's a world without it enabled, that should be a generally easy fix.  I was planning on building a little and noticed that was going to be a setback, but I no longer have that rank so it's not a problem for me personally.  But precaution is rarely a bad thing, so this is understandable. Fixed.
    2.  Rules: "destorying", "memember", "No vile language" (not a fan of censorship, if anything change it to something other than "block", perhaps add a color so we know its censored and someone isn't saying the word block. Au70 was known for its more R-rated, arguably more mature player base, so this change isn't extremely important, but that was something I admired most about the community), in '/rules regulations' Foul language = allowed (which contradicts "no vile language") Fixed.
    3. Mouf's worlds have waccess set to Owner+ 
    Other than these few, I haven't seen much to complain about. Great work on reviving us, Pad, because I doubt many others would have done the same.