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  1. Age: 15

    Username: MrOnlineCoder

    How long have you played Minecraft:I joined this server on 3 December 2012, but I played Minecraft longer.
    (mod+)How much experience do you have with staff ranks? I have experience being as a staff member, I was mod before Classic was removed on, now I am mod for 1 week or so. Also, I moderated other servers successfully.

    What are you willing to do to help the server? Everything that it will need. Checking grief, supervising new players, improving, searching bugs etc.
    Total time on the server: 152 hours

    What have you made, and on what maps?: Nothing special, just some buildings on own realm/world.

    Additional info/comments: I have enough spare time to join server 4-5 times a week. And I read all moderation commands help and now I am familiar even better with this thing. Good luck XD.

    Did you memorize the server rules?: Sure! I do not forget about /rules too!