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Well, this is a forum post I didn't want to make...

A little backstory, I've actually been unemployed for about 6 months.  Because I love Au70 Galaxy, I've been paying for server hosting out of my dwindling savings account while I hunt for a job.  Unfortunately, I am no longer in a position to do that.  Therefore, I'm saddened to announce that Au70 Galaxy (and by extension, Au70 Nebula) will be put on hold at the end of the month. 

What does that mean?  It means I will be temporarily shutting down the server that's hosing both Galaxy and Nebula.  No data will be lost.  When my situation improves, I will restore the server to the exact same state as it was before. 

Again, this is temporary and no data will be lost. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reply here. 

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